Question about Zoom behavior

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Question about Zoom behavior

Postby jabaim » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:00 pm

When zooming into or out of a canvas, the mingus seems to "expand" in random directions. For example, a mingus may expand "upwards" in a canvas, then after a slight repositioning, expand to the left, to the right, or downwards. Preferred behavior is that it would just increase in size, and not shift in relative position on the visible canvas. My guess is that it's the whole canvas that is expanding, and not the mingus, but it is very distracting when there is a limited number of items on the screen.

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Re: Question about Zoom behavior

Postby tecknaro_admin » Fri Mar 04, 2011 1:06 am

Like most graphics applications that deal with very large visual spaces, the Tecknaro zoom feature is sensitive to whether you are using the keyboard or the mouse to zoom.

If you use the keyboard to move around (via Ctrl arrow keys) and zoom in and out (via Ctrl + and Ctrl -), then you will always zoom in and out with the center of your window as the center of the zoom, which is more traditional desktop application behavior.

Alternatively, if you use the mouse to zoom in and out (via the mouse wheel), then the center of the zoom depends on the location of the mouse. This gives you a much greater degree of control of your visual space; allowing you to "push" the canvas away from you in one direction, look around from far above, and then "pull" the part of the canvas you want closer into view. This extra dimension of control may not feel right to you.

It's a personal preference thing, so we provide both interfaces.

If you like the "video game" mouse interface, use it.

If you prefer a more traditional interface, use the Ctrl arrow keys and Ctrl +/- to move around.

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